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Vallisneria spiralis, L. (Tape Grass, Eel Grass). Both genera are common around the Island.

GRAMINEAE (Grass Family).

Andropogon furcatus, Muhl.

"   scoparius, Michx. (Beard Grass). Both species are common in High Park.

Sorghastrum nutans, Nash. (Wood Grass). Found in High Park.

Digitaria humifusa, Pers.

"   sanguinalis, Scop. (Crab Grass).

Panicum capillare, L. (Old-witch Grass).

"   depauperatum, Muhl.

"   dichotomum, L.

"   miliaceum, L. (European Millet). Introduced.

"   virgatum, L. (Switch Grass). Several clumps grow on the Island.

"   xanthophysum, Gray.

Echinochloa crusgalli, Beauv. (Barnyard Grass). Setaria glauca, Beauv. (Foxtail).

"   italica, Beauv.

"   verticillata, Beauv. In waste places in the city.

"   viridis, Beauv.

Cenchrus tribuloides, L. (Bur Grass). At York on
Grand Trunk Railway.

Zizania palustris, L. (Indian Rice, Water Oats). Leersia oryzoides, Sw. (Rice Cut-grass).


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