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NATURAL HISTORY, TORONTO REGION Picea abies, Karst. (Norway Spruce). The most

commonly planted ornamental spruce.



canadensis, BSP. (White Spruce).

" mariana, BSP. (Black Spruce).

Abies balsamea, Mill. (Balsam Fir). Almost absent within a ten-mile radius, but abundant to the north. Practically at its south-ern limit here in lowlands.

Tsuga canadensis, Carr. (Hemlock). Very common.
Thuja occidentalis, L. (White Cedar). Abundant.
Juniperus communis, L. (Common Juniper). Rare.
TYPHACEAE (Cat-tail Family).

Typha angustifolia, L. (Narrow-leaved Cat-tail). Grows plentifully on Toronto Island. "   latifolia, L. (Common Cat-tail).

SPARGANIACEAE (Bur-reed Family).

Sparganium eurycarpum, Engelm. (Bur-reed). "   simplex, Huds.

NAJADACEAE (Pondweed Family).

americanus, C. & S. amplifolius, Tuckerm. crispus, L.

filiformis, Pers.

heterophyllus, Schreb. lucens, L.

natans, L.






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