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THE SEED PLANTS OF TORONTO Scleria verticillata was known to grow has been " improved " so that this rare plant is now extinct.

A few years ago both the valleys of the Humber and the Don were the homes of many varieties of Orchids and rare plants, as Ginseng and the Painted Cup. These have disappeared. May not unwise methods of teaching Nature Study have contributed to this unfortunate result to some extent ?

In the flora of Toronto and its immediate neighborhood there are 104 families, 398 genera and 798 species enumerated in the accompanying list.

The following is a fairly complete list of the Phanerogamia found near Toronto.

TAXACEAE (Yew Family).

Talus canadensis, Marsh (Ground Hemlock). Rather rare. Don `'alley. Also in inter-glacial Don Valley deposits.

PINACAE (Pine Family).

Pinus resinosa, Ait. (Red Pine).


strobus, L. (White Pine).


sylvestris, L. (Scotch Pine). Introduced.

"      laricio austriaca, Endl. (Austrian Pine).

Larix decidua, Mill. (European Larch). Introduced.

" laricina, Koch. (American Larch or Tamarack). Infrequent in the immediate neighbourhood, but abundant in swamps within easy reach in every direction.



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