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the warmest October that of 1900, with a mean of 56°.4, and the warmest November that of 1902, with a mean of 42°.9. The coldest autumn was that of 1873, with a mean temperature of 43°.5.

On November 26th the normal mean temperature sinks below the freezing point and then gradually lowers until the minimum of the winter is reached, about February 4th, of which the normal mean is 19°.6 ; from this onward the curve rises, at first slowly and then more rapidly, until on the 26th March it again crosses the 32° mark. The normal Toronto winter is not then very severe, and extremely low temperatures are of infrequent occurrence, except in abnormal years.

The coldest winter was that of 1874-5, with a mean of 17°.3, and other exceptional winters were 19034, with a mean of 170.4; 1904-5, with a mean of 18°.7 ; 1884-5, with a mean of 18°.3. The mildest winter was that of 1889-90, with a mean of 30°.6. Other very mild winters were 1877-8, with a mean of 28.5; 1879-80, with a mean of 28.8; 1881-2, with a mean of 29°.3, and 1905-6, with a mean of 28°.2.

The Decembers of 1881 and 1889, with a mean temperature of 34°.3, were the warmest on record, and that of 1911, with a mean of 33°.9, was also unusually mild. The coldest Decembers were those of 1859, 1872 and 1876, with mean temperatures, respectively, 17°.9, 18°.7 and 17°.2. The highest temperature ever recorded in December was 56°.2 on


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