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the vast American forests. It would appear that both Summer and Autumn are a little warmer, and that Winter is colder than in the earlier days of settlement, while the Spring average temperature shows little or no change.

Considering the seasons from a popular stand-point, the writer believes that their duration might be stated as follows :

Spring—March 10th to May 20th. Summer—May 21st to September 10th. Autumn—September 11th to November 25th. Winter—November 26th to March 9th.

The first part of March is usually rather cold, but days of bright sunshine and swelling buds, together with the rapid disappearance of the snow, which now lies only in patches in sheltered places, give omen of spring, which soon comes on apace. The maple tree has bloomed as early as March 20th, and a few hardy plants may occasionally be found in bloom ten days later. A few migrating birds will also appear after the middle of the month, and by the 31st, when the ground exposed to the sun is usually free of frost, ploughing is frequently possible.

The months of March 1903 and 1910 showed the largest positive departures from average for months of that name, the latter especially being characterized by an extraordinary warm spell during the last week, when temperatures of over 70° were recorded.


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