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sible, turning south to the beach and walking east along the foot of the cliffs ; or, second, by taking a King Street car to the Woodbine, and then a sub-urban car on Kingston Road to Stop 32. A lane leads two-thirds of a mile south to the cliffs.

Lambton Mills, to the northwest of Toronto, may be reached by taking a Dundas Street car to West Toronto and then a suburban car to Lambton Mills. An old gravel bar, belonging to the Iroquois beach, runs westwards almost to the Humber. South of Lambton Mills along the Humber River there are good exposures of Lorraine shale, and also for two miles up stream on the west side.

Excursions out of town may be made by C. P. R. northwards to Forks of the Credit, where there is an excellent Silurian and Ordovician section on the escarpment; and to Longford and Washago, or Parry Sound ; or by G. T. R., C. P. R. or C. N. R. to Muskoka, where Archaean rocks are displayed.

One can go by rail or steamer to Hamilton, forty miles west of Toronto, where the Iroquois beach is finely displayed, and the escarpment exposes a Silurian section ; and one can go east by C. N. R. or G. T. R. along the old Iroquois shore, with the hills of an interlobate moraine rising to the north.

One can cross Lake Ontario to the Niagara River and go by electric railway to the Niagara Gorge and Falls.

For details in regard to these excursions one is referred to the special guide books.

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