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because of its gypsum deposits near Paris and of its salt beds, which in a moist climate like that of Ontario cannot exist at the surface but are found beneath the Devonian rocks along Lake Huron and to the southwest at depths of several hundred feet below the surface. These beds furnish most of the salt used in the central provinces of Canada. In the State of New York an interesting fauna, including large examples of Eurypterus and Pterygotus, occurs in impure limestones of this age from which cement is manufactured, but the similar beds ' in Ontario have been little exploited.

Of the Devonian only the lower portion, the Onondaga (Corniferous), occurs in the region here described. It is found on the north shore of Lake Erie not far from Niagara Falls, as low outcrops of limestone with many thin layers of chert concretions. It is highly fossiliferous, many parts being practically coral reefs ; and several species of coral may be collected in stone heaps in the fields or by the road-side. The commonest fossils are :

Cystiphyllum vesiculosum. Favosites emmonsi.

Heliophyllum halli.

Syringopora hisingeri. Streptelasma prolificum. Michelinea convexa.

Atrypa reticularis.

Chonetes mucronatus. Rhipidomella vanuxemi. 5   65


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