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the buildings might have been removed bodily from Oxford. Its name, " Burwash Hall," commemorates the first chancellor under the new regime, to whose influence and statesmanship the federation movement owed much of its success. This hall is also the gift of the Hart Massey family. It is to be a residence for Victoria male students, the women being already provided for in Annesley Hall.

The University residences for men are north of Hoskin Avenue, and are also the gift, in part, of generous friends. North of this, on the corner of Bloor and Devonshire Place, is the stadium. On the opposite corner is the Meteorological Office, the first established in the British Empire outside the United Kingdom (1840). East of the stadium, on Bloor Street, is McMaster Hall, the Baptist University of Ontario, which, after years of affiliation with the state institution, got an independent charter about twenty years ago and has been doing steady and successful work in its own field ever since. It has secured twenty-five acres north of the city and is pre-paring to move to the new site.

Trinity College, the Anglican representative which entered federation a few years ago, has already sold its grounds on Queen Street West and will presently build on its destined site south of McMaster Hall. Ten years ago these grounds, now almost completely covered with buildings, were used by the faculty as a golf-course, so rapid has been the development of the University.


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