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Philadelphia. Leading English firms like the Macmillans print Toronto on their title pages in addition to London and New York. The largest manufactured output is in agricultural implements, liquors, hardware, musical instruments and ready-made clothing. The Hydro-Electric and Niagara Power companies supply the motive force for hundreds of factories, and new inventions are constantly adding to the number. There are more than 20,000 auto-mobiles licensed in Ontario, and three-fifths of them are said to be in Toronto, giving an average of one to every sixth or seventh family. The retail trade is not less flourishing, and while a couple of great departmental stores would seem to the onlookers to get the bulk of this business, there is evidence in the tasteful and even luxurious appointments of many shops that large profits are being made elsewhere. The jewellers in particular are noted for their beautiful stores, and, as in the case of the churches, the taste of one man set the fashion for the rest. Diamonds are imported free, but other goods paid a duty of $775,000 last year, which probably indicates a business of $10,000,000, wholesale and retail.

From the macrocosm of the city we pass to the microcosm of the university. Here the meetings of the International Geological Congress will be held, so a brief account of the buildings will be of interest. The original King's College was on the site of the present Parliament Buildings in the Queen's Park. But in 1850 the institution was secularized, the name changed, and the system of administration altered to



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