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drive and promenade which was planned by Simcoe and which might be made as beautiful as the English garden at Geneva. When the plans of the Harbour Commission have been carried out Toronto will have achieved its destiny and secured the most beautiful and most valuable lakefront in America. And as the Duke of Brunswick gave a model theatre to the Swiss city of his adoption, so a native Torontonian has built the Alexandra Theatre in addition to starting the subscription for the new hospital. The Carnegie Library on St. George and College Streets is as perfect a model in its way as St. Andrew in partibus himself. The reading-room is unexcelled. The collection of paintings and sketches and photographs to illustrate the early history of Toronto is in the eastern gallery of the building, and is a permanent monument to the historic flair, the civic patriotism and public-spirited munificence of Mr. John Ross Robertson. It is also the best appendix to the present article, every page of which is indebted to Robertson's " Landmarks of Toronto " (5 vols. Toronto, 1894-1908).

The Public Library is also the centre for the exhibitions of the Canadian Academy of Art, the Ontario Society of Artists, and the Art Club. Literature is united with art in the work of the Arts and Letters Club, the Round Table, and the Strolling Players, the last being rather social than scientific. Among purely social clubs the old-established down-town Toronto Club, on the corner of York and Wei-



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