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spacious church edifices adorn the city, which is as renowned for its congregations and preachers as for its churches.

To the archaeologist and the lover of local history the most interesting fine in Toronto is the " Holy Trinity," overshadowed, like its namesake in New York, by the stupendous erections of modern commercialism. For here, in the parish rectory on the little square, lived and wrought and wrote the late Dr. Henry Scadding, author of " Toronto of Old," and one of the most reverend figures in the early history of the city. In this place, too, worshipped the Earl of Elgin, coming from his govern-mental residence in Elmsley Villa, afterwards the seat of Knox College, and now the site of the Central Presbyterian Church. Another name connected with Holy Trinity is that of Bishop Selwyn, of New Zealand, the famous missionary, whose preaching in the church, as well as that of Scoresby, the Arctic navigator, Dr. Scadding duly records.* Its own perpetuation as a down-town mission is ensured by the bequest of its founders, two English sisters. Little 1846 did these ladies, or the rector who chronicled their pious gift, imagine that before another generation had passed the sylvan parish church which they remembered would be surrounded, like a boulder at

* Half a century before, General Simcoe, the founder of Toronto, had set up the tent of Captain Cook, the circumnavigator and explorer of Polynesia, near the foot of John Street as his summer residence.

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