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Canada College hockey team won the junior cham- 1902 pionship of Ontario in the last minute of the second extra ten, or when the Toronto team won the base-ball pennant from Newark in the tenth inning of the last match of the season.

Clean, manly sport in Toronto owes much to the Young Men's Christian Association. This body showed its hold on the citizens by collecting over $600,000 in a two weeks' whirlwind campaign in 1910. The new main building is on College Street, near Yonge, and deserves the inspection of all who are interested in the training of young men. There are several branches throughout the city and a separate organization for young women, as well as a number of settlements, one of which is under the special charge of the University students.

The above forms of Christian activity may be called the resultant moraines of the churches for which Toronto is famous. It is the seat of a Roman Catholic archbishop and of an Anglican bishop, and the Canadian centre of the other chief Protestant denominations. One picturesque local society, which would have interested such travellers as Hepworth Dixon or Bayard Taylor, and which we read of in Dr. Scadding's " Toronto of Old," seems not to have survived its founder, David Wilson, of Sharon, after whom. the members were called " Davidites," " Wilsonites," or " Sharonites." Their Temple, built in 1S25, twenty years before the first Mormon one at Nauvoo, Ill., was of quaint construction and curious



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