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and River on the west to Scarborough Beach on the east, taking in the Harbour and Ashbridge's Bay, and thus having nearly twenty miles of coast-line within the city limits, owing to the semicircular form of the Island and the double coast at Simcoe Park. But when the electric trolley climbed the bluff known to geologists as the " Iroquois shore," less than three miles north of the bay, the development of this lofty and healthy district began, and within three years it has become the most fashionable part of the city. Land which cost eighteen dollars a foot ten years ago is now held at $175, and hundreds of acres have changed hands at even greater advances than this. The average value of the houses on the Avenue Road hill ranges from $12,000 to $15,000. This is with-out taking into account the mansions which line the hill and dominate the city with an unsurpassed distinction of site and variety of type. The old English hall, the Norman-French chateau, the Italianate mansion, and the mediaeval castle are all to be found, and so spacious are the grounds surrounding them that there is no sense of incongruity produced by the different styles. The castle of Sir Henry Pellatt, at the head of Walmer Road, with its adjacent stables and gardens, will form when completed one of the most magnificent residences on the continent.

Proud as Torontonians may well be to see such splendid dwellings rising in the city, and to know that they represent in concrete form the result of the business energy, acumen and executive skill of some of



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