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open spaces of Osgoode Hall, presented as a gift to the Law Society by Sir John Robinson, and Wykham Hall, formerly the residence of Sir James Macaulay, and now the seat of the Bishop Strachan School. At the opposite corners of the other diagonal, S.E. and N.W., the energy and generosity of the North of Ire-land still find fitting representatives. The one contains the immense establishment—stores, factories, stables and garages—of the T. Eaton Company, unsurpassed as an example of rapid commercial success. The firm in its building operations seems to be executing an echelon movement by squares to reach the opposite north-western angle of the " ward." Here the splendidly-equipped surgical wing of the new General Hospital bears witness to the generosity of Mr. J. C. Eaton, the present head of the Company.

Within the central space between these points lies closely congested the greater part of Toronto's foreign population. Six synagogues and half a dozen foreign missions indicate the cosmopolitan character which the " ward " has now assumed and the efforts which are being made to assimilate and Canadianize its new denizens. To the lover of the picturesque and the cosmopolitan a walk through this region is an unfailing source of delight. The eye of the pessimist sees " slums " writ large over the district. The optimist rejoices in the sight of this teeming life, so eager to reproduce itself, so hopeful of the outlook in this land of magnificent opportunities, so confident of gaining, not only a comfortable livelihood, but an




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