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versity of Toronto, is now (1913) erecting what will probably be its permanent home on the west side of the University lawn. St. Michael's College was founded by the Basilian Fathers from Annenay, France, in 1852, and affiliated with the University of Toronto in 1881. It occupies a pleasant site to the east of the Queen's Park, on St. Joseph Street. Another Anglican school of divinity, now called Wycliffe College, was established in 1877 and is located on Hoskin Avenue, north-west of University College.

The rise of the historical method and the growth of modern science rendered an increase in libraries and laboratories an imperative necessity if higher education in Ontario was to keep abreast of the age. Confederation was the result, and the University now includes four Arts colleges within its system, in addition to a number of affiliated institutions less closely connected with it. University College represents the original foundation and is still maintained by the state, Victoria (Methodist) federated and removed from Cobourg to Toronto in 1892, Trinity followed in 1904, and St. Michael's in 1910. This wise policy, aided by the enlightened support of the government, the upward trend of the school system, and the desire for learning characteristic of the Canadians has made the University one of the largest on the continent and the best attended in the British Empire.* Its various faculties of Arts, Law, Medicine

* Exclusive of India.


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