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of seeing if the ball would take effect, ascended the bastion. In the meantime the artilleryman, waiting the word of command to fire, held the match behind him, as is usual in such circumstances ; and the travelling magazine, a large wooden chest, containing cartridges for the great guns, being open just at his back, he unfortunately put his match into it, and the consequence was dreadful indeed. Every man in the battery was blown into the air. The officers were thrown from the bastion by the shock, but escaped with a few bruises ; the cannon were dismounted, and the battery was rendered completely useless. I was standing at the gate of the garrison when the poor soldiers who escaped the explosion with a little life remaining were brought into the hospital, and a more afflicting sight could scarcely be witnessed."

The American general, Pike, was killed by the explosion, as well as a large number of his men, and on the capture of the town the Parliament Buildings were burned. It was partly in reprisal for this act that the British forces destroyed the Government Buildings at Washington some months later, when General Ross captured that city. That New England was opposed to the war the Hartford Convention clearly showed. While thus tending to separate the Union it did much to consolidate the Provinces, for the French were quite as vigorous in their defence as the Loyalists of the Upper Province. There can. be no doubt that the success with which the Canadians repelled the invader was mainly owing to the

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