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ritton, ( )nt., was born there in
iSt7. He received his educa-
tion at the old Grantham Acadeniv,
and spent his earl- life on the farm.
In those days the educational facilities
were exceedingly- limited, and very in-
ferior to those of iSgi, but our subject
received the best education then pos-
sible, and applied it with stuch industry
to practical life, that lie soots because a
matt of power and influence its the cont-
iiiiinity. For seven rears he has occu-
pied the responsible position of Police
Magistrate. In discharging the duties
of his office he brings to bear a clear
apprehension of the matter in hand, a
calm well balanced mind, and an im-
partial administration of justice. In
the delivery of his judgments there is
no nervous apprehension of the possi-
bility of having arrived at conclusions
which lack for a basis, the fullest con-
sideration. He still lives upon the old
homestead Ili the village of Merritton,
where lie employs his time, when
at home, its cultivating a most beauti-
ful garden of the rarest flowers and
choicest fruits. In this delightful ent-
ploviiient Mr. Ball finds ample oppor-
tunity for the gratification of his lore

T EORGE THOMSO\, merchant
tailor, \o. 392 loitge street,
Toronto, Out., was born out the 30th
of April, i86o, at Banchory, Kincar-
dineshire, Scotland. His parents were
William and Barbara IGrav) Thomson.
His father conducted a merchant tailor's
business at BanchorN-, Scotland, for
over thirty- years, attd is still living
there. Mr. Thomson received his edu-
cation at the schools of his native
parish in Scotland. He was appretu-
ticed to the tailoring business at the
age of fifteen. On completing his ap-
prenticeship, lie came to Canada in
the year 1881, and settled in the city

of gathering front the storehouse of natttre niaiiv interesting truths hidden in botaliv and horticulture. He revels Ili thus obtaining more of the secret of mother earth than is exhibited in the fruit and flowers. He possesses a well selected library-, which lie not only makes good use of himself, but is getterously placed at the disposal of his neighbors for consultation. This kindly act arises from the remembrance of those earl- days Ili which lie so fully appreciated the rare opportunity of haviiig access to good reading-. 'I r. Ball is a devoted ineniber of the Church of England and an Orangeman since iS43. He is one of the oldest residents of this old-settled part of Canada, and enjoys the confidence and esteem of the entire neighborhood irrespective of religious or political creed. His long life lia.s been marked by patient irtdustry , perseveralice, and a strict its tegrity its all his relations with his fellow melt. He was married in the year 1539 to Miss Jane Gertrude Ball, third daughter of J. C. Ball, J. P., of Nlag-ara township. Of his family- of two sons and one daughter, the dattghter only remains alive, both sons being dead.


of Toronto. In the year 1&5,~ lie commenced business for himself as a merchant tailor in that city, and is uow Ili the enjoyment of a very large and profitable trade. He is all industrious and energetic matt, and has earned for himself a good reptitation and business standing since he came to Canada. Mr. Thomson its religion is a member of the :Methodist Church. He is also a member of the Caledonian Society-, the Sons of Scot-land and the Young 'Men's Protestant Benevolent Association, in which societies he has always taken a very deep interest.

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