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Baptist Church,
Brantford, Out., was born
on the z st of December,
1841, near Paris, Brant
Count-. His parents were
John and Ellen (Pike)
Johnson. His father was
for many years a farmer in
Brant County, also a magis-
trate. Mr. Johnson was
educated at the public
schools, Paris High School,
and Woodstock College,
where he studied theology-.
He graduated ill I S i 3 and
accepted a call to Petrolia,
being inducted and ordained
there the same year. Iii
October, 1874, 1Ir. Johnson
was harried to Adelia,
daughter of James McCon-
nell, of 'Ialahide township,
Count- of Elgin. He was
the first pastor of Petrolia,
and at the end of two years
had built anew church and
left the cause well establish-
ed. He then accepted a call
to Sarnia, which was also a

mission church wilen he

took charge, but it soon grew under his administration to be self-sustaining, and a very fine new building was erect-ed. He remained in Sarnia eight Sears, then accepted a call to Adelaide Street Church, London, where siniilar results attended his labors,—a small cliurcli being displaced by a fine new structure and the membership more than doubled. In iSgo, after a pastorate of six years at London, he accepted a call to the First Baptist Church, Brantford, -where lie continues to labor Avith very great success. Since his pastorate there the inenibership of the church has greatly increased, upwards of one hundred

having joined, more than one-lialf of this number being taken in by baptism. Mr. Johnson is a remarkably- clear and practical Gospel preacher, and appeals to the liearts and consciences of his hearers. This church -was founded in 183 J, Rey-. Will. Rees being the first pastor, Avllo was followed by Rey-. John Winterbothani, Rey-. T. L. Davidson, D.D., Rev. Thos. Cull (student), Rev. John Alexander, Rev. Will. Stewart, D.D., Rev. Charles Carrol, Rev. J. C. Hurd, ALD., Rev. W. H. Porter, Rev. William Brookinan, Rev. J. I3. Tuttle, and Rev. G. AL W. Cary, now of Ottawa.


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