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M eN OF CANADA.   485


NORMAN, O. C., Brantford,
Out., was born on the 12th of March,
1821, at Canandagua, N.Y., coming to
Canada the same year. He was edu-
cated at Loudon District School and
Victoria University, and studied law
under the late Hon. Robert Baldwin
Sulliven, Toronto. He was called to
the Bar of Ontario in 1847, acid soon
afterwards formed a partnership with
Dr. McMichael, O.C., of Toronto, under
the name of Vail Norman 8:. '.\IcJlichael.
This partnership expiring, he and the
late Hoit. Michael Hamilton Foley en-
tered into partnership at Simcoe under

the name of Van Norman

& Foley. He removed to

Brantford in iS58 and was

appointed County Cro«°n

AttorneS the following year. =He became ex-officio Clerk

of the Peace on the death

of the late John Cameron,

both of which offices lie has

filled to the present time.

He was appointed a O.C.

by the Dominion Govern-

ment in 1573, and by the

Ontario Government in

1876. Mr. Van Norman

has held retainers as coun-

?   sel in eery many important

suits in the Ontario Courts.

Clear and logical in argu-

ment, felicitous in expres-

sion, calin and persuasive,

though forcible, he readily

secures the attention of the

Bench, which invariably

gives to his reasoning the

respect and -weight which

are due to the efforts of

superior counsel. Perhaps

the most important case,

from a litigious point of

view, in which he has been

engaged, was that of Peart vs. the Grand Trunk Railway Co., in which, at the Assizes, at the Divisional Court, at the Court of Appeal for Ontario, and before the Ultimate Court of Appeal in England, lie secured a victory for the plaintiff against a large and wealthy corporation, who were the defendants.- It stay be added that he is the first and only counsel as yet front Brantford who has had the honor of holding a brief before the Privy Council. He has been twice married—first to hiss M. A. Berry, Toronto, and again, December, iSS6, to Jliss A. E. Duncan, Stratford. 1\Ir. Van Norman is a communicant of the Anglican Church.


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