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Q.C., (of the la«v

firm of Parke &

Purdoni), London, is the

eldest son of the late Thos.

Parke, builder and archi-

tect, a native of the County

of Wicklow, Ireland, who

settled ill Toronto, then

York, in 182o, and repre-

sented the County of Mid-

dlesex ill the last two Par-

lianients of the Province of

Upper Canada, acid ill the

first Parliament of the Pro-

vince of Canada. He was Surveyor-General ill the Lafontaine-Baldwin admiii-

istration, and was ill politics

an advanced Liberal, advo-

cating through the press,   = and in Parliament, the iii-

troduction of responsible   ` government, municipal in-

stitutions, public schools,   i free grants of land to actual

settlers, and the seculariza-

tion of the clergy reserves.

He earnestly supported

Lord Sydellhanl'S efforts for

the union of Upper and

Lower Canada, and was

largely instrumental in obtaining the assent of the Upper Canada Legislature to the measure. He was one of the incorporators of the London and Gore Railroad, afterwards the Great Western Railway Co., chartered in 1834 to construct an iron or wooden railroad from the town of London to Burlington Bay. He edited his own paper, the Canaa'a Inquz'rer, published in London. He died in St. Catherines January 29th, 1864. His son, E. Jones Parke, was born at York November 1st, 1523, educated at London District Grammar School, under Francis H. Wright M.A., Trinity College, Dublin, who was head master, and George Napleton, M.A., Oxford. Studied in

the office of Sir John A. Macdonald and Sir Alexander Campbell, and ill the office of Hon. ( Justice) John Wilson ; practised in partnership with the late Mr. Thomas Scatcherd, Q.C., M.P., and his brother, the late Edward Deane Parke. Another brother, Thos. Parke, Jr., of Kingston, was distinguished for high literary and legal attainments. Married February 4th, 1869, Mary Helen, daughter of the late George Southwick, M.D., and M.P. for East Elgin. Solicitor for the London and Port Stanley Railway Co., for which he obtained the charter, and also for the County of Middlesex, Police Magistrate, city- of Loudon. In politics lie is a Liberal.


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