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Angus McKay, ALB., -LP.P., Itgersoll, Out., Avas born on . the 211d of October, IS52, in Oxford township, Oxford County. His fattier was the late Donald :McKay, farmer in North Oxford, and a native of Sutherlandshire, Scotland, who died in IS87. His motlier is still lip ing and resides with her son, the doctor. Dr. McKay was educated at the public schools of the township acid Trinity College, graduating M.B. in IS72. He then Nveiit to Edinburgh and graduated L.R.C.P. & L.-I. in i8i4 at the Royal College of Plivsicians there. He spent some time at Sir -Morrell -lcKenzie's

Throat Hospital and St. 'I'liomas Hospital, London, Eng., and was also a student at Broliipton Hospital for Diseases of the Chest. He then returned to Canada and commenced his profe:;-sion at Ingersoll, where lie has remained ever since in the eiijoyinent of one of the lamest medical practices in that part of the country. He was examiner of -Materia Medica for the Ontario College of Plivsicians and Stirgeoits in ISS7 and 1888. Dr. KcKav has always been an ardent Liberal in politics. In zSS6 he eras nominated by the South Oxford Reform Convention for membership in the Ontario Legislature, and was elected M.P.P. oil the 28th of December, t SS6, Dr. -Williams, on the Conservative ticket, and George A. Cook, the late member, as an Independent Liberal, also opposing hint. He was re-elected in June, t S9o, at the Ontario General Election, Richard Butler,

all Equal Righter, being the other can-

didate. The doctor is a PresbN-teriatt

in religion, has been a member of the

Board of Manageinetit, and is now a

member of the Building Committee of

St. Paul's Church, Ingersoll.   Dr.

McKay is the \Ministerial Nx-liip, a mem-

ber of the Private Bills, -Municipal and

Railway Committees of the House, and

was the author of the bill regarding

fire escapes in public buildings whicli

passed iii zSSS. He had charge of the

bill to amend the Ontario Medical Act

in zS9t, and also caused several ameiid-

ntents to be made to the Ontario -Muni-

cipal Act.


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