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MEN OD' CANA I)A.   481


BRADY, pastor

of St. Mary's Catholic Church, Wood-stock, Out., was born on

   the 29th of October, is5s,   I at St. Thomas, County of

   Elgin, Out. He received   ~ his primary education in the public and separate schools of that city, and continued it at St. Michael's College, Toronto, attending the latter institution for sit

years, and passing from there to the Grand Seminary,`

Montreal, where he conmpleted his philosophical and theological education, remaining there four years. He was ordained priest ill the year 1882 by Arch-bishop Walsh in the chapel of the Convent of the Sacred Heart, London, Out. Immediately after ordination lie was appointed to the mission of Mount Carmel, as assistant to the

   late Father Kelly, and acted   f~

   in that capacity for a short   1 time, when lie was appointed

to Stratford, as assistant to Dr. Kilroy. In a short period of time he was translated to Woodstock as laureate to the late Rev. Father Carlin, and at his death, which occurred ill the year z8S5, the subject of our sketch was appointed to succeed him as parish priest, which charge he has filled with great accept-ability since. Father Brady has been very successful in the material as well as the spiritual upbuilding of the church, having built a handsome new edifice in Woodstock in iSS6, to take the place of the first church, which was dedicated by Archbishop Walsh when he was Bishop of London. He also

built a church at Princeton, Ont., which was dedicated in the year i SS9. The entire expense of the latter beautiful

structure, amounting to about $9,000,

was donated by 1\Iiss Elizabeth Mark-ham, who now resides in Bridgeport, Conn., U.S.A. Father Brady is zealous in the performance of his duties to his church. He is a kind and sympathizing pastor, and is genial and popular among all classes of people, irrespective of party or creed. He has taken a leading position eery early in life, and appears to be destined to wear the highest honors in the gift of the Church.



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