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480   MEN Oft- CAI~lAYiA.

tary-treasurer of the London
Tree Press, London, Ontario,
was born in Scotland, being reared
mainly at Dundee. In early life he
learned the trade of a baker and coii-
fectioiier, at which he served a regular
apprenticeship. In the year 1841 he
came to Canada, and, upon his arrival,
was shipwrecked off the coast of New-
foundland, but reached the shore «-ith-
out inj ury. He first went to DIontreal,
where he remained until the year 1842,
when lie removed to London, and con-
tinues to reside there still. Here, by a
long terns of years of steady and suc-

cessful business pursuits and upright citizenship, he has built up a naiiie and character without reproach. On going to London he commenced business at his trade as a confectioner, which business he carried on until the year i 856. Iii 1845 he suffered seriously-, financially, from the great fire which occurred in Lou-don that rear. Subsequent-Iv with a partner lie engaged in the manufacture of steam engines, which lie carried

on for some time. After

relinquishing this business,

lie became connected witli

the London ~9d~~rtiser, and `   remained with that four or

five years. Iii i867 he ac-

cepted a position with the

_   Free Press Printing Co., in

-,~   1871 was taken in as a

partner, and ill 1882 was

elected to his present posi-

tion as secretary-treasurer

of the company. Tlie paper

with which lie is connected

is an exponent of the great

Conservative principle of National Policy. It is a recognized leader of opinion, and owes much of its prosperity to the business qualifications of the subject of this sketch. Mr. Mathewson has been twice married —first, in the year 1844, to Miss Ann Sinith, a native of England, by whom he had three sons and one daughter, of ,vhonl only one son is now liNiiig. He was married a second time to '_Mrs. Annie Newcombe, Nvliose maiden name was Lancaster, by whom he has one daughter living. ~Mr. 1\Iathewson is a man of great energy and ability, and takes a great interest ill matters of public welfare.


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