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   ROBERT REID, Collector of

Customs, London, Out., was

born on the 1st of January, 1522, in Paisley, Scotland. His educational advantages were limited, but, after a hard struggle, lie gained a good education. In 1842 he emigrated to the United States, and in 1545, came to Canada and settled in Toronto. In 1SS4 he removed to London, where 11e establislled a branch of the Toronto East-wood Publishing business. He bought out the stock and carried o11 business until 'S 78, when he was appointed Col-lector of Customs at London. Mr. Reid married, ill 1851, Ann Jane _AlcElroy,

a distinguished graduate of Toronto Normal School. His family consists of six sons and one daughter, two of whon1 carry on the printing and publishing business which he established. Mr. Reid is a Presbyterian, and in politics is Reform. In 1S5i he received a commission as militia officer, and subsequently was appointed a justice of the Peace. He was president of the St. Andrew's and Caledonian Societies several nears, and was trustee of the Comnlon and High School Board eighteen years, and has now been for some years president of the Dominion Saving and Loan Society of London.


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