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charges : Newmarket, Brad-ford and Dundas. Since that he has served the church at Burlington, Clinton, London, Richmond and Queen Street churches, Toronto, Centenary Church, Hamilton, the Doiuiniou Church, Ottai-a, Central Churcli,Toroiito,and Oueen Street Churcli a second time, Weslev Church, Hamilton, St. Catliariiies, Carleton Street, Toronto, and his present cliarge. Under his adniinistratioii the Dominion Church at Ottawa was erected, and lie was permitted to remain afourth tear—a-very iinusual event in llethodlsnl —in order to complete the edifice and place its finances on a sure basis. He l;as filled ever- office eligible to a minister of the :Methodist Church. He. has been chairrnan of District, secretary and president of Conference, a member of ever- General Conference since the union of 1\Iethodism, and a member of many important com-

mittees. Dr. Hunter has always been

a diligent student, and in the midst of

a busV, pastorate, has pursued special

courses of study in biology, physiology

and kindred subjects. Iu iSS; lie at-

tended a course of lectures in the

American Institute of Phrenology and

Anthropology, and took the diplonia of

that institution as valedictorian of a

yert large graduating class. Dr. Hunter

is an eloquent preacher, a successful

lecturer, and a competent aduiitnistra-

tor. He is also a very -warm advocate

of temperance, and is at present pastor

of the largest and most elegant Metho-

dist Church in the -world.


pastor of St. James Methodist

Church, Montreal, Que., was born on the 26th of February, 1835, at Pliilipsburg, Que. He received his education at the public schools of Ontario, and obtained a second-class certificate -vheu seventeen rears of age, on -vhich he taught school two years. In IS54 lie entered Victoria University, but in iS36 was pressed into the rnirnistry before completing his college course. In iSSS he returned to college, and was ordained in i86o at Kingston by

the late Rey. Dr. Stinson.   Before
ordination he served the following


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