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Dr. William F. DICKSON, M.13.,

L. R. C. P. and S., Edinburgh, L. F. P. and S., Glasgow, practicing physician, Ingersoll, Out., was born August 14th, 1556, at Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scot-land. His parents -were William and Nickolas Dick-son, who came to Canada in the year 1SJ7, bringing young Dickson Aaith them, and settled near Ingersoll. Mr. William Dickson, Sen., «was a master mechanic. Dr. Dickson was educated at the public and Grammar schools of Ingersoll, Collegiate Institute, St. Catharines, and Normal School, Toronto. He obtained a teacher's certificate, on which he taught for nearly six 3, ears. While engaged in teaching he commenced the stud- of medicine under Dr. hlcKav, AI.P.P., of Ingersoll. In the year 1SSo lie entered Trinity Medical College, T   t   f-   A'1   I

or on o,   oue " I C t   1e

graduated in 1 SS3. He then

began to practice in Embro, Out., continuing there for three years, «-hen he gave up practice for the purpose of going to Europe to further perfect him-self lit his profession. He first -went to London, Eng., and studied in the London Hospital, graduating in Edinburgh in January-, iSS7. After visiting various hospitals in England and Scotland, lie returned to Canada and settled in Ingersoll, where he still re-sides, liaviug secured a -\-cry important practice. Dr. Dickson is a member of the craft of the A.F. & A.-M., I.O.O.F., A.O.F., C.O.O.F., the Companions of the Forest, and I.O.F. He is the sur-

geon for most of these societies. He is also coroner for the County of Oxford. In politics he is a Reformer, and takes all active interest in his party- and also in the affairs of the community generally. He has quickly secured a fore-most position in his profession, and bids fair to achieve marked distinciiott in his own province. In religion he is ail adherent of the Presbyterian Church. Dr. Dickson was married on December 1Sth, 1SS9, to Miss Elizabeth G. Oliver, daughter of the late Adan1 Oliver, M.P.P., -who represented the South Riding of Oxford for many years in the Provincial Parliament.


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