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{EDITOR'S NOTE: This name stuck out at me as I was scanning the book. Berlin Ontario is now called Kitchener, and the family name 'Erb' is still extremely common in this area. Erb Street is a major street in Kitchener Waterloo, as is Erbsville Road. The Waterloo region is also heavily Mennonite and Amish in background and there seems to be a Pennsylvania connection there as well. Certainly a name like 'Peter Erb' wouldn't be uncommon in the area even today. }

Y 1LA., editor and proprietor of the Daily Nrws, Berlin, Ont., was born October 3rd, 1836, at Preston, Waterloo County. His parents were William and Mary (Erb) Moyer. His father was born in Pe11nSylvania in 18og, and came to Waterloo County in 1823, NN-here he was a successful farmer and speculator. His mother was of Pennsylvania Dutch descent. Mr. Aloyer received his education at the public schools and Victoria University, graduating from the latter institution in 1S6~. He taught school successfully at the earlN, age of fifteen, and con-

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time it or some 3 ears. He afterwards attended Victoria College four years, and spent three years as a probationer, preaching in the Methodist ministry. In 1866 he purchased the 11"alerloo Clzz-olzicle, ,N-hicli he conducted with success for over three years, when he sold out for an advance over what lie paid for it. He then purchased the Dail), Ti'mrs, St. Catharines, after-wards merged into the Nca,v. After conducting this paper for a number of years, lie sold out, and in 1878 started theDailt, _Ncws, Berlin, it being the first daily paper ill the count-. This paper has been a success from its establishment, ~v-lhicll is entirely due to the proprietor's energy and ability. Mr. Moyer is a public-spirited citizen, and is active in all matters pertaining to the welfare of Canada. He has been the

leading advocate in his to«']1

of street rail\N-ays, electric

light, water works, new factories, etc.,

and is usually successful bringing about

all the reforms and enterprises he ad-

vocates. He was town councillor for

some years. In religion he is a staunch

AIetliodist, and in politics an active

Conservative, but ever independent in

the advocacy of right. He is a mem-

ber of the A.O.U-NV., I.O.F., R.A. and

C.O.C.F., holding the office of Past

Master ill all except the I.O.F. 1\Ir.

Moyer was married in 1868 to Eliza-

beth Harriet, daughter of the late Win.

Ardagh, Toronto, who was alderman

there some years. His family consists

of four sons and fire daughters.


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