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ville, Ontario, Baas born December ist, 1848, ill Oueeii's Count-, Ireland. He is the eldest of tell cliildren and emigrated Nvith his parents to Canada in iS55. His father and family- settled in the township of Garafraxa, Wellington Count-N-, Out. In about tell years thev, moved to the township of Peel, the present family home. He worked on the farm till lie was twerutt--two rears of age, -wheii the often expressed desire to get a better education was revived. Being advised by Mr. Chas. Langford, of Arthur, he entered upon a course of study. He received his education at Arthur village and Alma village public schools, and Fergus High School and Georgetown Academy. He is a self-inade loan, having had to -work and stud-, hiring with farmers during vacation to provide money to go to school. Securing

a teacher's certificate, he taught school one year, -when in June, 1(S75, lie entered the ministry of the Methodist Church on probation. He spent a few months under the chairman on the Mount Forest circuit, and the four years of his probation at Holstein, Lucknow and Brigden two rears. At the Conference held in London, Out., June, iS79, he was ordained, and returned to the Brigdeii circuit for a third year. During this year, oil October 9th, he was married to Miss Annie M. S. Shields. Since his ordination lie has filled with great acceptability the following circuits : Brig den one rear, Oil

Springs three rears, Plattsville three years, Innerkip three years, Bookton one year, and the united circuits of Bookton and Otterville, his present field of labor, one rear. During his iiiinistration new churches were built at Brigden, Oil City, Inwood, Haysville and Innerkip. His congregations in-creased, and the various departments of church Nvork -%vere also much in advance of -what they had been previously. At the Conference held at Ingersoll he was elected a member of the Stationing Committee. He is highly esteemed by his brethren in the church, and as a pastor is greatly beloved.


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