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D.D., LL.D., of the

North Reformed Church, Newark, N.J., was born at Harland, Caithness, Scotland, January 20th,, 1828. His father came to Canada in 1840, and in 1S43 settled in Williams township. Dr. Waters received his early education in Scotland and at Isingston, Ont., -where his father re-sided before settling in Williams. He continued his studies at Toronto ti niversity, taking B. A. in iS39 and \I. ~. in iMo. He lield the scholarship in. Oriental languages and won the prize in that department at graduation. He studied theology in the Divinity Hall of the ''lilted PresbN-terian

Church. Before entering the ministry, lie served in the Post Office Department for four years. He was ordained and inducted pastor of Southampton and Dumb-lane ill 1861, remaining there two years, -\N-hen lie

accepted a call to Port Hope. Five rears afterwards he accepted a call to St. 'Iary's. In iSS3 lie became pastor of St. David's Church, St. John, N.B. While here the fire of the year 1877 destroyed his liouse and church, together with the homes of about eighty families connected therewith. The church was rebuilt without delay, a considerable part of the funds being collected by the pastor in Canada and the 'United States. In iSS1 he was installed pastor of his present charge, having previously received important calls from Toronto and Brooklvii. Since being engaged in the min-

istry, Dr. Waters has taken the degree of LL.B. and LL.D. from Toronto 'University, and in 1882 D.D. from Rutger's College. When at Soutlianlpton and Port Hope, he was Superintendeiit of Schools and in St. Mary's Inspector. He was clerk of the Presbytery of Cobourg, and afterwards of the Synod of Hamilton and London, and for many years clerk of the Home \1ission Committee. He was also a member of the Alliance of the Re-formed churches at Belfast in 1SS4, and at London in 1 SSS. Dr. Waters for many years took an active part in mission and educational work.


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