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Thomas Coffey , proprietor and publisher of the Catholic Record, London, Out., was born on the 5th of October, tS43, at Castleconnell, County of Limerick, Ireland. His parents emigrated to Canada -when he was very young and first settled in Alontreal, where they remained only one rear, when they removed to London. Mr. Coffey received his education at the Christian Brothers' School, Montreal, and afterwards at London. He learned the trade of a printer in that city, and for many years held an important position in the Advertiser printing establishment. He helped to bring out the

first copy of the daily Pree

Press, and some years after-

wards the first copy of the

daily Advertiser.   In the

year 1S7S the Catholic Rc-

cord, a weekly religious

paper, was established in

London, but, after a few

months, the promoters of

the enterprise abandoned it.

Mr. Coffey then bought the

plant, and has since carried

oil that paper with very

great success, it being now

a widely read journal, net-

tii_g the publisher a hand-

some income.   It is the

recognized organ of the

Catholic Church, and, with

the able co-operation of the

editor, the Rev. Father G.

R. Northgraves, of Inger-

soll, is the leading paper of

that faith in the Dominion,

having a circulation of over

ten thousand copies. Mr.

Coffey is admirably fitted

for conducting the work

which he has in hand, as

he brings to the publishing

of the Record the result of

long years of experience in journalistic work, thoroughly tindcrstanding all the details, from setting type to writing editorials. He is a member of the C.-ALB A., and held the position of second rice-president of the Supreme Council for one term, and first rice-president for t«-o rears. In politics he belongs to the Reform party. He is a liberal-minded man, taking an interest in all matters pertaining to the welfare of the community in which lie resides, and is nntch respected by all who know him. AIr. Coffey was married on the 23rd of May, i, 69, to Miss Margaret Hevey, of London. He has one daughter.


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