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SPETZ, D.D., C.R., president
of St. Jerome's College, Ber-
lin, Out., was born on the 13th of 1\Iay,
iSSo, in the County of Waterloo. His
parents were Joseph and Aiiii (Herres)
Spetz. His father -was a native of
upper Alsace, and his mother of
Rhenish Prussia. Father Spetz was
educated in the public and separate
schools of Berlin, and in 1566 entered
St. Jerome's College as a student, re-
maining there fire years, after -which
lie taught one year in St. Mary's Col-
lege, Kentucky. In 1S72 lie went to
Rome and Joined the " Congregatioii of

the Resurrection." He then entered the Jesuit University of the Rontan College, graduating in 1,S78, and the same year became assistant of St. Alary's Church, Berlin, remaining there until iS9o. In January, 1591, he became pastor of St. Louis Church, Waterloo, -which he -was instrumental ill building in i59o, as well as a separate school ill the same place, both of which are a credit to his enterprise and ability-. Father Spetz has been a professor in St. Jerome's College since 1S75, and has been president of that instituti011 for two years. He is a member of the C.'_%I.B.A.


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