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The LAte Very REV. Louis G.F.H Funcken, D.D.

., was

born on the 5th of October, 1533, at Wanckuni, Prussia. He was ordained priest at Roermond, Holland, on the i5th of June, 1862. He graduated as Doctor of Divinity at the Roman University, Sapienza, on the 11th of June, r864. He emigrated to Canada the same year in which lie graduated, arriving at St. Agatha, Out., on the 1st of September, 1864. Father Fnncken was the founder of St. Jerome's College, Berlin, an institution of learning for Roman Catholic youths, which was opened for the reception of pupils on

the loth of September, 1866. The Rev. Father Spetz has been president of this institution for two years, and was a professor for a liumbcr of years. Father Fnncken assumed the pastorate of St. Mary's Church, Berlin, in September, 1866, where he continued until his return to Holland. In 1888 lie was appointed Provincial of the "Congregation of the Resurrection of Our Lord." He celebrated his silver jubilee of priesthood in 18S7. Father Funcken returned to Roermond, Holland, where, January 30th, i89o, he passed away, comforted with the last sacraments of the Church.


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