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MEN OF' C ATRIA jDA.   465


son of the late Hoii. Judge Macqueen, of Wood-stock, Out., was born there on the 22nd of Alas, iS5o. He received his education at Trinity School, Port Hope, and afterwards entered Trinity College, Toronto. At the age of twenty-two, lie began the studs- of law in the office of Hoii. Edward Blake, Toronto, remaining there until 1576. Then, oNving to Ills appointment to the clerkship of the First Division Court for Oxford County, lie gave up his legal studies. In 1S70 he joined the Queen's Owii Rifles, and served as a private in Trinity College Company No. S three years. On going to Woodstock he joined No. 6 Coiiipany 22nd Battalion Oxford Rifles, and soon received the appointment of staff-sergeant. He was appointed lieutenant of No. 1 Company in 1576, and in I S7S obtained the

captaincy. It is now twleve years since his promotion, and he has always received special mention in the annual reports of the militia. He was for seven years secretary and treasurer of the Woodstock Rifle Association, and is a director of the Western District Rifle Association, London, and was one of the 22nd Battalion League team in i 591. He was one of the principal organizers of the Woodstock Amateur Athletic Association, of which lie was president for tNvo years, and is on the executive committee of the Division Court Clerk's Association of Ontario. He is a member of the A.O.U.W., of

whicll he was financier two years and receiver four years. He is also a member of the 1\Iasonic Brotherhood. In politics he is Conservative, but is independent of party, and seeks the welfare of the country. In religion he is all Anglican. In zSS3, through an accident, he lost his sight, and, beiiig considered incurable, Nvent to London, Eng., where an operation was successfully performed by the celebrated Dr. Bader, his sight being fully restored. Mr. Macqueen was married on the 25th of September, 1SSq, to Fanny, eldest daughter of the late James Gunn, a pioneer merchant of Woodstock.



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