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The Late Hon. Judge MacQueen, of Woodstock, Out., was born at Ouebec on the 12th Of September, 1Si i . He Nvas descended from an old and distinguished Scotch family. He received Ills education at Cornwall under Rey-. Dr. Urquhart. He then commenced the study of law at Brockville. While pursuing his studies there, the Rebellion of 1537 and 1S38 broke out ill Lower Canada, and Mr. Alacqueen was sent to Corii--%vall with a detachment of men in charge of anus for the Glengarry militia. Upon his return from this service he was appointed lieutenant in the troop

of cavalry commanded by Captain Harvey-. He was then sent to Dickinson's Landing to bring up the headquarters of the 32nd and 83rd regiments. This duty accomplished, he assisted, under Sir John Col-borne, in raising a company of the Oueen's Loral Borderers, in which regiment lie was gazetted captain ill

i S3S, and served in that corps at Brockville sit months. While there, suspicions-looking vessels appeared, apparently nuking for Prescott, acid lie voliuiteered as a private marine oil board Her Majesty's steamer " Experiment." His services were accepted, and lie was oil board when. she opened fire at Prescott on these vessels and upon the steamer " United States." The enemy landed at the Windmill, and Mr. Mac-queen went on shore and volunteered oil the advance guard of the attacking force, under the command of the

late Col. R. D. Fraser, and received the first fire of the enemy. This division compelled the surrender of the rebel commander, who handed his sword to Mr. Alacqueen, a trophy of the victor-, which. is still in the possession of the fancily. Shorty- after this lie was called to the Bar, aiid, after a brief practice, received the appointinent of Judge of Oxford County. Judge Macqueen -vas greatly beloved, and his memory will long lire in the hearts of the people. He was married in I S47 to Fanny Maria Harriet, daughter of Janies Muttleberrv, ALD., Inspector-General of Army Hospitals, England.


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