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462   MIEN OF l .a_N.N-0A.

W. C. MEYER, O.C., Wing-'   ham, Out., was born at Har-

purhey, Huron County, Oil 'Iay 24th, 15431 whither his parents had emigrated in 1533. His father was a native of Rostock,'Ieckleitbtirg. His mother was a daughter of the late John Thornton, British 'Minister at Hamburg. 'Ir. :Meyer received his education at the public schools, Goderich Grammar School, and private tuition by the late Rev. W. Cresswell. On leaving school he studied law with

Messrs. Burton, Sadler Bruce, Hamilton, and subsequently with Sir Matthew Crooks Cameron, Toronto.

In 1868 he was called to the Bar, and comitienced his profession at Seaforth. After practicing there about eight years lie took a trip to Den-mark, German-, Sweden, Switzerland and France, -\-isiting his large circle of relatives. Oil his return to Canada lie opened a lavvoffice in Wittghattt, where, by his high moral character, sterling honor, and business ability, lie has acquired a large practice. 'Ir. Meyer was married oil the ;rd of September, I (S78, to Hclett E., eldest daughter of Hon. A. -M. Ross, ex-Treasurer of Ontario. She died in 1857, leaving three datughtees. He has held inane prominent positions in the county, haying been cottutcillor, deputy reeve, reeve and mayor of Winghant. During his mayoralty he was the iiteaiis of sectiriu

to Wingliaiit the Canadian Pacific Railway, and introducing the manufacture of salt. He resigned his posi-

tion of mayor (second tertu) owing to

the sudden death of his wife, and again

visited the land of his forefathers.

While there he -was presented, among

other valuable presents, Nvith a cup, at

one time the property of Charles XII.

of Sweden. He returned after six

months' absence, and since then has

been actively engaged in town improve-

inents. He is solicitor for the Bank of

Hamilton. Mr. 'Ieyer was recently

appointed a O.C. In religion lie is att

Episcopalian, and in politics a staunch

Conservative. He has always taken all

interest ill inali1v sports, and in iiiili-

tart' matters.


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