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Principal of the Col-

legiate Institute, London,

Out., was born on the 25th

of November, zSS~, at Oil

Springs, Out. His parents

were Moses and 'Iary

(Miller)   Merchant,   his

father being a farmer in

the County of Lambton.

Mr. 'Merchant received his

early education at the public

school, passing thence to

Albert College Grammar

School, and Albert Univer-

sity. Be graduated from

the latter institution with

the degree of B.A. in iS78,

and received the degree of

M. A. in i SSo. He began

teaching in the year iS76,

his first position being as-

sistant in the Port Dover   r High School, where he re-

mained for three rears. It

was during this period that

he qualified himself for his

degrees. In iSSo he was

appointed to the mathema-

tical mastership ill Inger-

soll High School. Soon

afterwards he accepted the principal-ship of Port Dover High School. In the year zSSi he returned to Iligersoll High School as its principal, remaining for nearly five years. He then accepted the position of principal of the Collegiate Institute, Owen Sound, where he remained four years, Avhen he received the appointment of principal of the Collegiate Institute, Stratford. In the year iSgz he received his present appointment as principal of London Collegiate Institute. Mr. Merchant has had rapid promotion, and now occupies the front rank in his profession. He was united ill marriage with I\Iiss

Jane McKay, of Ingersoll, sister of Dr. 'IcKay, M.P.P. for South Oxford, on December 22nd, iMi. He is a member of the PresbA,-terian Church, and was an elder of that church in Owen Sound, and, «-bile residing at Ingerso 11, was a member of the Board of Management of the church there. He is also a member of the Odd Fellows Society. In politics he belongs to the Reform party, but is not active in political matters, although he is a public-spirited citizen. He is greatly interested in the welfare of the city in which lie resides and the country adjacent.


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