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MiE N or CANADA.   459


~~. Judge of the County and Snr-

rogate Courts of Brant, Local Judge of the High Courts and Master in Chaticerv, was born at Stoney Creek, Ontario, December 21st, iSz1. His parents were Stephen and Mary (Smith) Jones, descendants of I'. E. Lovalists. The Judge received his education at the Grammar School, Hamilton. He began the study of law with the late Judge O'Reilly, of Hamilton, and subsequently with S. B. Freeman, Q.C., of that city. He was called to the Bar in 1S46, and commenced his profession with Mr. Freeman, continuing there

until 1553, -\N•hen he was appointed County Judge. He was appointed Master in Chancery ill 1575. He is considered one of the ablest and most satisfactory county

a   j udges in the province.

a~ While residing in Hamilton lie held the position of adjutaltt of the rd Gore Militia. Judge Jones is chairman of the Board of County Judges for Ontario. This Board consists of fire members - -Messrs. Jones, Brantford ; Hughes, St. Thomas; Sinclair, Hamilton ; 'McDonald, Brockville, and Senkler, St. Catharines. He is a member of the Methodist Church, being steward and trustee of Brant Avenue Church, Brantford, and has always been active in the general work of the church. He was a delegate to the first General Conference, held at Toronto ill 1 S 7 4, and each General Conference since. He was a strong adeocate for the federation of the Victoria

'University with the Provincial Univer-

sity, and also labored successful) p for

the Methodist union. The Judge was

married in 1847 to Margaret, daughter

of the late john. Williamson, of Stoney

Creek. He has six children : John W.,

LL.B., barrister, Hamilton ; Col. Chas.

S., barrister, Registrar of the Crown

Lands Department, Toronto ; Jennie,

,rife of George Kerr, of the firiii of

Kerr, Bull &- Duggan, barristers, etc.,

Toronto ; Major T. Harry, City Engi-

neer, Brantford ; Will D., LL.B., bar-

rister, Brantford, and S. Alfred, LL.B.,

of the firm of Jones -"\- Arnold, bar-

risters, Toronto.


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