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B.D. D.D., Hamilton, Out.,
was born on the 1ith of
March, 1836, at Guar, Perthshire, Scot-
land. His father, Alexander Fraser,
was a well-to-do joiner, contractor, saw
mill owner, etc., on the Duke of Athole's
estates at Kindallachan, mid-wav be-
tween Dunkeld 'Mid Blair-Athole. Dr.
Fraser received leis education at the
parish school of Guar•, the Grammar
School, Weston, Ontario, and the
Normal School, Knox College, and the
University of Toronto. He received
the degree of B.D. from Knox College,
Toronto, M.A. from Lafavette College,

Easton, Pa., U.S.A., and

D.D. from the South Western

Presbvteriaii   tTuiversity,

Tenn., V.S.A. Before coin-

ing to America lie followed

for a time the business of a

joiner. After coming to

this couutrv, lie worked at

the carpenter trade in the

United States for a short

time, and in Canada, before

entering the ministry-, he

followed the carpenter trade

and school teaching. He

was ordained oil the loth

of October, 186-, at Barrie,

which was at that time in

the Presbytery of Toronto.

His first charge Was Barrie,

then Knox Church, St.

Thomas, then Knox Church,

Hamilton, where lie con-

tinues to labor with great

acceptance. Here he has

built up a very large con-

gregation, and is highly

esteemed by all classes in

the city. Dr. Fraser was

married oil the 29th of

October, 1867, to 'Miss 'Mary

E., daughter of Edvrill

Hunter, yeontaii, NeNvinarket, Ontario. His family consists of four children—one sou and three daughters. His eldest daughter \vas for one year a missionary- teacher at Las Vegas, New ;Mexico, U.S., for the Presbyterian Board, New York. He has been SN-nod Convener of Sabbath schools, and Nvas also School Trustee for a time. He is a member of St. Andrew's Society-, of the A.O.h.W., the Sons of Scotland, and was at one time a member of the I.O.O.F. He held the office of chaplain ill these various societies. He is a Liberal, but abstains from taking an active part ill politics.


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