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MEN OF C kNA f)A.   457

WILLIAM HENRYBARTRAM, barrister, Dundas street, London, Out., was born on the 21St of August, I S48, at Cheltell hain, Gloucester-shire, Eng. He received his education at the public schools, Toronto, and the Grammar School, Sandwich. Prior to taking up the study of law, he was employed ill the Essex County Registry Office at Sandwicli, and afterwards in the office of the Deputy Clerk at the same place. On the 7th of February, 1S71, he was admitted as Attorney--at-Law, and was called to the Bar at Easter Term folloxving. He was also appointed a Notary Public ill that year, and began the practice of his profession at London, which lie still continues. In ISS3 he was appointed a commissioner for taking affidavits in Ontario to be used in Manitoba. While a studeiit at law and residing at Windsor, Mr. Bartram was

on active service during the Fenian Raid of IS66 as a member of the volunteer Windsor Garrison Artillery. He was reeve in Petersville in iSSo and iMi, in which latter year the name of the village was changed by act of the Ontario Legislature to Lou-don West. Alr. Bartram worked hard for the change of name against a very determined opposition, which defeated liiin in his contest for election as reeve ill ISS2, but in the ear iSS3 he was again elected reeve. He has since been solicitor for the corporation. Mr. Bar-tram was Registrar of the Law Faculty of the Western University, and has

held various prominent offices in secret, charitable and benevolent societies, to which he belongs. In politics he is a Liberal, and in religion is a member of the Church of England, and has been a lay delegate to the Synod of Huron for St. George's Church, London West. He is a public-spirited citizen, and takes an active interest in all. that pertains to the Nvelfare of the city and the country at large. Mr. Bartram was married on the 24th of March, IS75, to Miss Mary J. Barker, youngest daughter of the late William Barker, of London, who was one of the first mayors of that city.


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