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_'\LIEN OP CANADA.   455

HENRY GEORGE LACKNER M.D., Berlin, Out., was born

oil the 2-th of December, 1851, at Havaksyille, County of ~N-aterloo. His parents were William and Juliaiia (Diefenbacher) Lackner, vv-Iio emigrated from Germany in iS-9 and settled in Waterloo County, y\-here his father became a very prosperous fariner, devoting ranch attention to stock raising. He was for fire years a member of the Township Council, director of the County and Township Agricultural Societies, director and one of the originators of the Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Waterloo. Dr. Lackner

received his education at the

public school of Waterloo

and Berlin Grammar School,

NA here he obtained a scholar-

ship at matriculation ex-

aminations. He then taught

school successfilll~-iliAV'ater-

loo County from 1868 until

1872. He subsequently at-

tended the Toronto School

of Aledicine four years. By

passing an honorary exami-

nation in 1S76, he obtained

his license from the College

of Physicians and Surgeons.

The same rear he carried

off the Star Gold Medal and

the First 1-niversity Silver

Medal. After graduating

at the University of Toron-

to, he commenced his pro-

fession in Berlin, A\ here he

leas ever since grovN-ii ill

popularity as a most skilfiil

physician, and has a large

and groNN-Ing practice. Dr.

Lackner takes an active in-

terest in all matters pertaiii-

ing to the welfare of the toyv,li.

He was appointed physician

to the House of Industry for

Waterloo County in TSSi, and 'Medical Health Officer for Berlin in 1884. He «-as elected mayor in iS86, having a plurality of rotes over both opponents, and was in the following year elected by acclamation. In politics he is an Independent. He is an adherent of the Lutheran Church. He is a member of the C.O.F., LO.F., A.O.I✓.W., K.O.T.M., and Royal Arealiuin, and is medical examiner for each of these societies. Dr. Lackner was married June 17th, iMo, to Miss Helen A., eldest daughter of John A. Mackie, J. P. The doctor's family consists of two children—a son, Harry -M., and a daughter, May A.


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