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W.H. ANGER, B.A., St. Catha-
• rines, Out., son of H. C.
Anger, Bertie, Welland County, was
born at the latter place oil the 21st Of
October, iS46, being of U.E. Loyalist
descent. He received his early educa-
tion at the public school of Bertie and
High School of Thorold. After a ses-
sion at the London Commercial Col-
lege, he served ail apprenticeship of
two years to the dry goods business,
and then entered Albert University,
Belleville, where he graduated B.A. in
iS79, being a medalist in Mental
Science and Political Economy. Dur-
ing his university course he was or-

daiiied in the Methodist ministry, but, on leaving college, he chose the profession of journalism and edited for fire years a newspaper at Niagara Falls. On December 27th, i SS6, he married Harriet A., third daughter of J. S. Dell, Stamford, the same year having been appointed Principal of the St. Catharines College of Commerce, which is still under his direction. It is a chartered institution with a wide and liberal course of study, planned to give a practical, but a refined and cultured, training for business or professional pursuits. In politics Mr. Anger is a Reformer, and in religion a 'Methodist.


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