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JAS. WOODYATT, Cit}- Clerk,
Brantford, Out., was born oil
the 20th of June, 1Si9, in
London, Elig. His parents were Thos.
and Harriet (Gumbleton) Woodyatt.
His father was a native of Hereford-
sliire, Pang. Mr. AVoodyatt received
his education at private schools ill Lou-
don, Eng., and by self-culture. He
came to the State of New York -with
his father ill the year 1534, and ill
1535 came to Canada and settled in
Brantford. The next twenty-four years
were spent in business and in travelling,
during which time he saw much of the
world. In iS59 he received his present

appointment of City Clerk.

He has held this office for

thirty-three years, and is

now looked upon as an

authority in municipal and

civic matters. He was a

member of the Town Coun-

cil for i85o, IS51, iS52 and

1553, reeve of the town in

iS53, a member of the

Public School Board four

years, secretary and libra-

rian of Mechanics' Insti-

tute twenty -five years, and

was influential in securing

the change from the Insti-

tute to the Free Public

Library, for which service

the city owes him a debt of

gratitude. Mr. Woodyatt

is a member of the Congre-

gational Church, and has

been a deacon for many

rears. He is a member of

the I.O.F., having joined

the Manchester Order of

Odd Fellows in Brantford

in 1846. In the year ISJ4

he withdrew from that

Order, and, in connection

with some others, obtained

a charter to establish the present Gore Lodge No. 34. He has been an enthusiastic Odd Fellow all these years, and has held all the offices in the subordinate lodge, and has been Grand Secretary, Grand Master and Grand Patriarch, and also Grand Representative to the Sovereign Grand bodge, having held the latter office eighteen years. Mr. Woodyatt was married on the 22nd June, 1544, to Miss Martha, daughter of Henry Woods, of Hamilton. He has had a family of six--two sons and four daughters, all of Nvhonl are living except his son, «'illiam H., who died in Chicago in i55o.


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