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Police 'Magistrate, of


Brantford, Ont., was born there on the 19th of April, 1545. His father, James Wood--att, has been for many Fears the well-known City Clerk of Brantford. His mother was Martha

(Woods) \N-oodti-att. 'I r. Woodyatt was educated at the public aitd Grammar schools of Brantford. On leaving school he etlgaged ill the pottery business Nvith Ills father for a short time. He then decided upon the legal profession, and cotttnlenced the studN- of law in Brantford with George 'Iorpliv, Esq., and also studied iu the Toronto office of 'Ir.'Iorpllv-. He began the practice of law lit Brant-ford ill iS69, where lie has continued since. He was appointed Police Afao-istrate of Brantford oil the 31st of December, iS89. This appointnteiit has giN-eii abundant satisfaction, as 'Ir.

Woodvatt brought to the

discharge of the duties of his office a Avell trained legal mind and a quick perception of all the important points in the man-,- perplexing cases coming before him. He is singularly apt at analvzing evidence, and can arrive at his judgments and deliver theta Nvitlt an impartiality- which cannot be questioned, and being of alt affable and genial temperament, performs the ftutctions of his office ill a most pleasant manner. Mr. Woody att is chairman of the Brantford Collegiate Institute Board, of which he has been a member for ten rears. He is a member of the I.O.O.F., and is a Past Grand, also a

Past (Urand Patriarch of this Order. Iu politics lie is Reform, and fi-ont 1Si4 until his present appointment was secretar~- of the South Brant Reform Association. It was in connection with this office that his great executive ability was seen to best advantage. As an organizer 'Ir. Woodvatt has no peers, and but few equals, and while secretary of the Reform part- in South Brant, the party inade liitn a flattering acknowledgment of leis indefatigable labors in promotion of the cause. He was married August 19th, 1555, to hiss Marv, dattgltter of the late i red C. Kortum, architect, of Hamilton.


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