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MEN OP C. ANA 1 )A:   449


the First DIvislon Court, County

ZJ of Bradt, was born in the city of Arnia,h, North of Ireland, on the 15th of June, 1S1S, and is the oldest of a family of nine children boric to Win. and Mary Jane (Little) Robinson. The parents were both natives of the North of Ireland. Our subject, with Ills brother James, came to Upper Canada iu 1S32, landing at York (Toronto), where' he remained four rears learning the trade of house-painting, glazing and paper-hanging. After having inade and saved a little money, he went to Victoria College, where he remained

two winter sessions. He then went to Hamilton, and for twelve years engaged in painting, glazing, paper-hanging, etc., and in the traffic of the goods of his trade. In IS42 he married Hiss Haniiali Sanders, a native of Yorkshire, Eng., by whom he had three chil-. dren : Mary Ann, deceased ; Eliza Jane, wife of John W. Jones, barrister, Hamilton ; and Hannah A., deceased. Mrs. Robinson died in 1848. In 1849 he went to California and continued ill the same line of business in San Francisco for twenty years. In 1S52 he married Miss Eliza Jane Jones, daughter of Stephen and Mary (Smith) Jones, of Stony Creek, by whom he had four children, viz.: Stephen James, doctor and graduate of McGill College; Clara, hate, wife of Albert B. Briggs, banker, Buffalo, U.S.; and Josephine, all surviving. III 1569 he re-turned to Canada, the land

of his predilection, and settled in Brant-

ford, where lie bought the Peter Jones

homestead, in which he resided for a

number of years. Soon after locating

in Brantford lie received the appoint-

inent of Clerk of the Division Court, in

which capacity he still continues. Some

rears previous to 1591 he bought a

desirable property on Brant Avenue ill

the city, where he now resides. Mr.

Robinson is a man of wide information,

strong social qualities, and during the

twenty odd years lie has held office, he

has been highly esteemed for the kind

and genial way in which he discharges

his duties.



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