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HOMER P. BROWN , treasurer
of the County of Oxford,
Woodstock, Out., was born
on the 13th of February, 1S22, in Cat-
taraugus Count-, New York State,
U.S.A. His primary education was
received in \ ew York State, and
continued and completed in Ontario,
whither his parents caiiie in the year
1535, settling at Paris. After leaving
school he worked for a short tune on a
farm, and was then apprenticed to the
trade of a moulder. In the year 1544
lie became partner in a foundry in the
town of Woodstock. This partnership
existed for ten years, NN-hen the subject

of our sketch became sole

proprietor, and for thirteen

years carried the business

on in his own name. Iu

the year 1567 he sold the

business out and retired.

Mr. Brown was a member

of the ToNvii Council for

about fourteen years, and

Ili the year iS6i «-as mayor

of the town. He was reeve

of the to«-n for a number

of years, which position he

resigned in the year iS69

to accept the office of treas-

urer of the counts-, the

duties of which he has con-

tinued to discharge ever

since. Iu 1S62 Mr. Brown

was appointed magistrate

by the Dominion Govern-

ment, which appointment

he still holds. He has been

a director of the Oxford

Permanent Loan and Sav-

ings Company since its or-

ganization, and is at present

its vice-president. He is a

member of the Masonic

fraternity. In religion he

is an adherent of the Aletho-

dist Church. Mr. Brown is a public-spirited citizen, is a man of more than usual business capacity and sound judgment, and is a very careful and trustworthy official, in whom the public have unlimited confidence. His marked success throngll life is due to careful and painstaking industry, trans-parent integrity and a strong deteriniiiation to succeed in whatever he under-took. He Nvas united in marriage with Miss Jeniiet McDonald, of Ingersoll, on the 29th of January, 1546. He had a family of six sons and six daughters, seven of whom are living—six sons and one daughter—and all are living at home except one.


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