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REV . GEO. LAWRENCE, superan-

iivated Methodist minister, Ingersoll, Out., was born on the 18th of February, 1822, in the County of Limerick, Ire-land. He carne to Canada with his parents in the year 1825, sixty-siY years ago, and settled at Little York, which is now the city of Toronto. His father -~~-as a captain in one of Her Majesty's regiments, at that time on service in Ireland. Mr. La« rence was educated at private schools, and Lima Seiiiinarv, New- York State, U.S.A. Hiscourseof studies and the natural inclination of his mind led him to prefer religion to business He felt his call to the sacred ministry, and was received oil probation in the Conference of the M. E. Church in Canada in the year I S44. Before ordination lie travelled the circuits of Canboro and Toronto. He was then ordained

deacon at the Yonge Street Church by Bishop Alley in 1846. He was then sent to the Niagara Circuit, and in the folloxN-ing year was transferred to the Dumfries Circuit. He was ordained elder in the year 1848 at the Brooklyn Conference by Bishop Smith. Since that time he has served the following circuits : Nelson, Yonge Street, Newmarket, Saltfleet, Orono, Markham, Youge Street a second tine, Erin, Georgetown, Pickering, Brooke and Sombra. On account of failing health, Mr. Lawrence was superannuated in the year 1869, and since that tune has sustained that relation to the


Conference. He preaches as often as healtli will permit, and assists in the work of the church in all its departments. For some years after his superannuation he was successfully en-gaged in the publication of religious books, but for many years lie has lived a retired life. Mr. Lawrence was married on the 26th of September, 185o, to 'Miss Lucy Reid, daughter of Dr. A. F. Reid, of Richmond Hill, Out. He has tx\•o daughters—one the wife of J. W. Cutler, AI.D., of New York, and the other the wife of W;Ilian Currie, of Neepawa, Manitoba, Registrar of Beautiful Plains County.


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