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MILLER, M.A., Principal of
Huron College, London,
Out., was born on June 10th, 1S55, at
Woodchurch, Yorkshire, Eng. He re-
ceived his education at the Royal
Grammar School, Lancaster, and Bltu1-
dell's School, Tiverton, Devon, passing
thence to Sidney Sussex College, Cam-
bridge, of which he was a mathema-
tical scholar. He graduated with the
degree of B. A. in 1876. After gradu-
ating he was form master successively-
at Eelsted School, Essex, and Dover
College. Prior to ordination, he spent
one year at St. John's Hall, Highbury,

London. He was ordained

deacon at Trinity in zSi9,

and ordained priest the fol-

lowing year by the Bishop

of Gloucester and Bristol.

He first served the church

at Cheltenham -under Canon

Bell, after which lie was

settled in several of the

leading towns of England,

notably Manchester, Birnn-

inghann, Chester, l\ orthanip-

ton, Eastbourne and Clif-

ton, Bristol.   Mr. Miller

Nvas married in 1881 to Miss

Adelaide Meara, of Clielten-

hann, England. In 1S9i he

was nominated Principal of

Huron College, London, by

Rev. Albert Peache, D.D.,

and the nomination being

accepted by the College

Council, lie left England

for Canada that year to en-

ter upon his duties. Mr.

Miller is a roan of very

varied experience, having

labored during his minis-

terial life among all sorts

and conditions of men. He

is the author of a volume

of sermons, entitled "Victory, Blessing and Song "—a memorial volume published by request of the congregation of the parish church, Eastbourne. By his academical training, his profound knowledge of the Bible, and by his large practical experience, he is most admirably fitted for his present position, -\\,here he has the training of young mein, who are fitting themselves for the grand work of NN•inning souls for Christ. Under such guidance, Huron College should have a prosperous future. Since the stunnier vacation of 1591, great improvements have been made in the college, and the professorial staff largely increased.


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