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Judge A. Finkle County Judge, Woodstock, Out., was

'7_3 born'

orn at that place in the year IS43. He received his education at the Woodstock public school, and at the Count- Grammar School under George Strauchou, when he commenced his professional studies. He passed his examination of the Law Society AA-lien only seventeen years of age, and at once entered the office of D. G. Millar, one of the best knoAvii practitioners throughout Western Canada. He «-as admitted to the Bar in the year iS64, and commenced the practice of his profession with D. G. Millar, with whom

he was a student. He was also adinitted to the Bar in Winnipeg, 1\Ian., in the year ISS3, and practiced there for a short time. He then returned to Ontario, and shortly afterwards, on the death of judge 1lacOueen, which occurred in the year iSS5, he received his present appointment as Judge of the County of Oxford, «-hick important office he fills with the dignity and ability which belong to that high position, as he brought to the discharge of his duties a sound j udgment and a well balanced judicial mind. Judge Finkle in religion is a member of the Church of England.


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