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, P.L.S. and Civil   eer

Ont., «as boron the iSth of
September, 1S63, ill Essex County.
His parents came from Scotland to
Canada in IS40 and settled in Essex
County. Our subject received his edu-
cation at the public school, Windsor
Higli School, and St. Catharines Col-
legiate Institute. He passed his pre-
liminary examination for his profession
at the Crown Lands Department, To-
ronto, in iSS3. He then articled him-
self with Mr. Baird, P.L.S., Leaming-
ton, with whom lie remained two years,
m-lien he was transferred to AIr. Burke,

Ingersoll, remaining «6th liim two years. In iSS7 he passed his final examination, receiving the degree of P.L.S. He then entered into partner-ship -\\-6th his old tutor, AIr. Burke, opening an office at W'oodstock. This partnership existed three years, -\\-hen lie bought Mr. Burke out and has since carried on the business alone. AIr. U re in religion is a Presbyterian, is all associate member of the Y.II.C.A., and in politics is Reform, He is a young man of good habits, attent6\-e and sk611-ful iii his profession. He was married on January Sth, iS9o, to Miss Bessie Gordon. of Woodstock.


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