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as pastor of Knox Church. In 1859 he removed to Cobourg, where lie remained until 1871, when lie accepted a position as agent for the endowment of Knox College. He «vent to Ottawa in 1872 and opened the Ladies' College there, remaining one year. In 1873 he accepted a call to Dundas, where lie has continued to labor with great acceptance since. Dr. Laing taught in Knox College as tutor in Classics, Mathematics, English and Hebrew. He was Local Superintendent of Public Schools in Scarboro, Inspector of Schools in Cobourg, and County Examiner in the Counties of York, North Northumberland, and NVentworth for twenty years. He was coiivener of Home Missions from i 864 till 1871, was also Examiner and Chair-mail of the Board in Knox College for many years. He was Moderator of the Synod in 1877, and of the

General Assembly in 189o-91. He has

been Clerk of the Presbytery of Haniil-

ton since 1875. Dr. Laing through his

long ministry has rendered eery efficient

service to his church, while at the sanie

time, by pen and voice, he has ad-

vocated -%ehat he has deemed right on

the great public questions of the day.

As all all-round scholar and well read

theologian, he occupies a high place in

the estimation of his brethren, and

is greatly respected by all classes.

He was married on the 26th October,

18J4, to Eliza, fourth daughter of

James A. Smith, ALA., of Knox Col-

lege, Toronto.

JOHN LAING, -l. A., D.D.,
Dundas, Ont., was born. Alarch
24th, 1828, at Tarbet Cottage,
Ross-shire, Scotland. His education
was commenced in Edinburgh, at How-
ington Academy and High School, and
completed in Knox College, Toronto.
He afterwards took all arts course in
King's College and the University,
Toronto. He left Scotland in the year
1842 and spent one year in Ireland.
In 1843 he came to Canada and settled
at Danville, Quebec. He taught in the
public school for a time, and afterwards
ill Toronto Academy. He -was ordained
in June, 1854, at Scarboro, and inducted


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